Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I'm off to Mexico in the morning. Looking forward to a great week of chillin on a beach, checkin out ruins, and just having fun with some friends. Wish you all the best over the next week or so. Will post some pictures when I get back. :) Ciao!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yet Another Train Ride

So, I’m blogging from the train again. This is the NJ Transit train though. Not nearly as glamorous as the Amtrak. And even that isn’t anything amazing. It’s dirt cheap though and get me where I need to be, so it works. I only use it to come down for Thanksgiving or to go to family stuff in NJ. My relatives live outside of Philadelphia. Just have to be clear, it’s not north Jersey. Haha. Thanksgiving was great. Just hung out, had some wine, ate some yummy food, and played a lot of Wii. Not a bad way to spend an evening in my opinion. My grandma destroyed all of us in bowling though. She’s in her 80’s and she killed all of us.

Tonight I don’t know what I’m doing. Have a friend in town that I met online. We’ve never met, but he’s here for the week from California. I think we might hit some gay bars in the city, which would be fun. I’m hoping he just wants to hang out though and we’re not out looking for guys. He’s really hot and I don’t feel much like being ditched. Not that he would do that, but my mind always thinks of the worst-case scenario. Tomorrow, I think we’re gonna try and go see a movie – I really want to see Broken Embraces, the Almodovar movie – and maybe do a little shopping. It’s probably going to be a mad house anywhere you go though, so that might not pan out. Either way, it’ll be cool to hang out.

Sunday, I gotta get ready for Mexico. I can’t fucking wait to go. I’m so pale though, it’s not even funny. I really hope I don’t burn. My plan to go tanning before hand totally didn’t happen. I have one more session, I think, so I’ll probably use it Saturday or Sunday. Also gotta get some luggage that’ll be easier to transport and maybe find some books to read on the trip. Maybe a little David Sedaris or something light like that. Any suggestions? I have other books that I need to start, but it’s stuff like Atlas Shrugged and This Side of Paradise, not really beach reading. Haha.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something to be excited about

Had a date last night with someone I found online. I met him after work in chelsea. He wanted to go to Outback and get a burger so that's where I met him. I was nervous, so of course I had no appetite - so annoying. I just had a two beers and he had his burger. It was fun. We got along really well. I think we both got each others sense of humor. He was super sarcastic, which I'm really into. At one point, he was telling me something and I said, I can't tell if this is real or if you're just kidding around with me. He was kidding. Ha.
After dinner, well Outback, we went to a gay bar nearby. It was cool. I've never been to a normal gay bar in the city before. I know... The only one i've been to is probably the sleaziest one in the city. I only went because some friends wanted to. But this one was fun. We stayed and had a drink. They were playing drag bingo that night, so we played a little. Didn't win. Haha.
Then I walked him home and we kissed a little right on the street. I definitely liked that. Lol. I didn't end up spending the night, so this is probably a good sign. That hasn't worked out so well for me recently.
The only thing that sucks is that I won't get to see him again for almost two weeks. He's going home for Thanksgiving for a week and then I leave for Mexico the day he gets back. Just my luck...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting So Close

So this week needs to just fly by. I only have to work 2 more days, but I really just want them over and done with. It needs to be Thursday already. After these two days of work i have 13 days off in a row! 13!! I'm taking the week off after the holiday to go to Mexico with a friend. We're gonna hit up Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Mahahual. Should be a pretty awesome trip. Aside from maybe Playa del Carmen, everywhere seems very chill and relaxed. So, it'll be a lot of laying on the beach, a little snorkeling, seeing some awesome Mayan ruins, and just relaxing in the sun. I can't wait!

Tomorrow, it looks like I have a date. It's with a guy I met online on one of those dating sites. We've been chatting for maybe a couple weeks now. We were going to meet up earlier, but he got sick and is just now getting over it. He seems like a nice sarcastic guy, so I'm game. Not sure where we're going. He suggested Outback. I asked him what that was, thinking it was some gay bar I'd never heard of. He wrote back, "the chain restaurant." Ha. I'm not to good for Outback. I told him, that's fine with me. I did warn him that I probably wouldn't be hungry, just because of nerves and stuff. He said he used to be the same way when he started dating in college. I guess that's reassuring that I'm not the only one, and that it'll probably go away sooner or later. I'll keep you posted on how the date goes.

Otherwise, not too much going on right now. Excited for Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays. Unless you're cooking something, there's really nothing you have to do other than show up. Haha. I like the minimal effort. Just gotta go with a big stomach and everyone's happy. :)

On a sadder note, a friend of mine and his boyfriend are having a really rough patch right now. My friend made a huge mistake and ended up cheating on him with a guy. A random guy from craigslist, but still it wasn't good. It's been just over a week and they had several horrible days. They were really in love. The only reason my friend was even considering other guys was because his boyfriend wasn't putting the work into their sex life. Other than that, they were perfect together. He doesn't know why he let it happen, but he was sick to his stomach about it for several days and couldn't have regretted it more. What are your guys thoughts on cheating? Is it ever forgivable? Do you think a relationship can withstand it if two people truly love each other. I guess I'm a romantic and think that love can overcome just about anything. I really hope they can get through this. As I write this, my friend is at his place spending the night. His boyfriend has asked him to come the last few nights because he couldn't stand not being with him. What do you guys think?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Nothing new to report really. I know I never post on here, but I'll be honest, it's just not a big priority. This weekend is pretty boring so far. It's raining and windy here in New York, meaning I have little to no desire to go out and do stuff around the city. The only plans I have are to go to H&M and then go tanning. Normally I wouldn't care about tanning, but I need to get some color for a trip I have coming up. Not sure if I mentioned it on here or not, but I booked a flight to Cancun! I'll be there for a full week too. I'm going with a friend, but neither of us actually want to go to Cancun, so we're going down the coast to a few towns. Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Mahahual. It should be a really fun trip. I've never been to Mexico before. I've decided I really like these kinds of trips. Just relaxing on the beach, trying to get away from it all. It's so different from something like a trip to Paris or London or some other city. Doing that, I just feel like there are all these things I need to see, and I end up running around the whole time. I mean, that's definitely fun and exciting, but this trip is going to be to relax. Sit on the beach, lay in the hammock. Maybe a little snorkeling/kayaking and a little temple ruin stuff interspersed too. So exciting.

So the Yankees won the World Series the other week and whenever a NY sports team wins the super bowl or the series, they throw a ticker tape parade up broadway to city hall. I only care because my office overlooks part of the parade route. I was here for the giants parade two years ago, so this was my second. It's really crazy though. Tons and tons of people jam into the financial district and make getting to work almost impossible. I had to pay 2.25 just to take the subway so I could get across broadway. I didn't even get on the train. I just used the station underpass to get across the street. Haha. It's that ridiculous. I managed to take some pictures, so here are a few. After the parade, the street is covered in paper and trash. It's pretty amazing watching the literal army of sanitation workers clean it up afterward. It looks like a bomb went off after the parade, but by the end of the day, the streets are cleaner than they were the day before.