Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kind of a Shitshow

So this weekend was a bit of a let down. I went down to DC to meet up with an old roommate and drive down to see our other roommate for the weekend. It was really great getting to see them and catching up. But really, that's where the fun pretty much stopped. When we got there, we walked in the door and it smelled like pot. That should have been my first sign. The house was really gross. I mean, it was relatively in order. It wasn't a dump or anything, but it was clear that no one in this house owned a vacuum. And there was a dog and two cats living there. I would have gone kind of crazy if I had to stay much longer. Thankfully my friend brought sleeping bags. I've slept on some crap couches before, but I was still a little wary about these. They didn't really use their main living room, so it was cleaner than the rest. I obviously took one of the couches in there.

The whole weekend was nothing but drinking. I don't do that. I hate drinking usually. Especially if it's an all day affair. I'm ok with doing a bar for a few hours, but after that, I want to go home and sleep it off. Friday, we got there and went out to a bar. We played some bar games and then decided to just go home and drink there since we would have to cab back if we stayed too long. So we went home and my friend made me a glass of firefly. This was my big mistake for the weekend. Apparently it's pretty much just flavored vodka. I didn't really mix it with much, other than a lot of ice and a little water.

Well, later that night my body was ANGRY. i was up for about two hours. tried waiting it out but then i vommed 3 times in a row. it was extremely unpleasant. when did i become such an amateur. haha. the next morning i felt a little better. i even got a good breakfast without feeling too bad. i had a mimosa in the afternoon, but that was about it. that night a bunch of people came to their house to hang out so we were just drinking beer. Natty. gross. my body wasn't happy about that, so really i had maybe two or three the whole night.

It just really wasn't a fun time. Especially since everyone else was so drunk. I think I just realized that this is not the lifestyle for me. Working all week and doing nothing but drinking otherwise isn't my idea of a good time. Eventually I just said fuck it and got on my computer and then went to bed.

This morning was better. We went and walked around campus and hit up some old places we used to go to all the time. I do miss my friend and living with her. :)

Anyway. Not a very exciting story, but it wasn't a very exciting weekend. I rarely regret getting out and doing stuff, but this was one trip I probably could have done without. Aside from seeing my friends and catching up, the trip kind of blew. Oh well. So glad to be back home in New York. It's so funny how comfortable it's become.

Now I need to deal with work, which may or may not be a pain in the ass this week. And then I need to deal with a few boys. There's one guy I saw last week. He's 33 and HOTTT. He also lives like a block from my apartment, which is dangerous. :P lol. We had fun last time I saw him, but I think I'd like to get to know him a little better next time we meet up. So there's that this week. Fun stuff. :)

I should be getting to bed though. It's that time. Cheers.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hittin' the Road

I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at getting up and down the East coast on a pinch, and today I’m trying something new. I’m on Bolt Bus heading down to Philly. My mom was in the hospital this week and had to have surgery. So, I’ve scrapped my plans to go to Boston and am heading home instead. Once I get to Philly, I’m hopping on a Septa train and taking that to Delaware. Amtrak is a little cushier and the view is more exciting than just being on the highway, but for 13 bucks and then the 5 for the Septa, I really can’t complain.

Yesterday was the most disgusting day. It rained. Not only did it rain, but it was freezing cold too. It was just a terrible day. Definitely not fall weather by any means. I ended up doing something kind of impulsive, probably because it was so shitty out. Haha. I booked a ticket to Cancun! Jet Blue was having a one-day sale and I convinced a friend to go with me. I’m super excited. We’re doing the Riviera Maya. Skipping Cancun because it’s pretty gross and neither of us is looking for that type of vacation.

I’m realizing what the catch with taking the bus is… Traffic!

Not a lot else going on right now. No guys really to speak of. At least no one I’m seeing on any regular basis. Work is going well. I’m on a team with a much more regular schedule. So I get to leave at about 7 everyday. It’s awesome. Somehow that extra hour at night really makes a difference. I can actually do things after work and still get home in time to chill for a little bit before getting to bed.

Anyway. Will try to post more often. This weekend I’ll have a lot of free time. But honestly, it’s going to be so boring at home. There won’t be very much to post about. Haha.