Sunday, May 17, 2009

Off Weekend

I don't know why this weekend felt weird. Feels like it was just kind of up and down. Not sure if I've really been myself lately. Or maybe I'm just disappointing myself. There are things I want to do and somehow I always manage to convince myself that I don't want to and end up just sort of not accomplishing much of anything.

Today was good so far though. I met my friend who I used to live with in school for a hard hat tour of this building along the High Line. Here's the wikipedia page for it. Essentially, it's an old rail line like the ones you see in Chicago, but it hasn't been used in forever and has just been sitting vacant. So, they decided to turn it into an elevated park and it's supposed to open in like a month I think. The tour was pretty stupid to be honest. Somehow our group got screwed out of an actual tour guide. We just walked up into the building and then walked down after we saw enough. It was cool to see the high line under construction. Then we went to the DVF store to look at a model of the new Whitney they had on display. There's a bunch of stuff going on over the next few days in the Meat Packing district apparently, and this was just one of the things they were offering.

After that we went to Chelsea Market and got some soup. Really, it was nice just catching up with her. She's probably the coolest, nicest person you'd ever meet. We were saying how ridiculously difficult it seems to be to keep in touch with people. I mean we're only like a 20 min subway ride away (less prob) and I think the last time I saw her was when Wall-E was out. Terrible. I think we're gonna try and get together for a drink soon though.

Yesterday was more of a bust though. I didn't do much and I was supposed to meet this guy and bailed on him. Well I was under the impression that we didn't make plans, but I think he ended up coming downtown for the day thinking I was still go. I definitely was dodging his texts. I know I should have just been like, dude i'm just not feelin it today, but I didn't.... I felt like such a jerk. So that had me in a kind of funk yesterday. This morning was good though. I'm glad I managed to get out.

This afternoon I've just been cleaning and watching a movie. Tried to make my way through Pineapple Express but ended up falling asleep. I don't know, it wasn't really doin it for me. The same thing happened with Tropic Thunder. I think I may just pop it back in the mail and get the next movie. I think I'm about due for a good gay movie, haha, any suggestions?

Currently listening to: Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pretty Crap Day

Today was pretty miserable if I must say. I got to work and was just totally drained the entire day. Something about the rainy weekend just sucked all the momentum out of me. I think I was mostly just annoyed that I still have to work on this project when I thought that Saturday's deadline would be it. Apparently I was mistaken. I've been given like 10 A0 boards to design for the 21st. It's not a ton of work, but it's still going to be kind of a pain. And today, I just wasn't in the mood.

The one bright part of the day was emailing this new guy that I've been talking to. He emailed me after lunch asking how my day was. It made me happy talking to him. We're tentatively planning to meet up sometime on Saturday for coffee and wandering around. I'll admit, I'm excited to meet him. He seems very sweet and maybe even a little shy, which could be nice. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Oh, here are some sketches I did while I was waiting for pdf's to print the other day. It's just silly doodling with absolutely no rhyme or reason to it, but I like how they look. Lemme know what you think.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is this Even Going Anywhere?

I've been online for several hours now just chatting with guys online. It's kind of ridiculous now that I'm thinking about it. Especially since I have yet to meet a single one of them in real life. Well, one was a friend from the blog, who it would be great to meet, but he's halfway across the country. Haha. So that probably isn't going to happen anytime soon. He's a really cool kid and I hope he knows I'm talking about him. Haha. Always great meeting people through the blog. They're just naturally better at conversation it seems. I guess there's a certain type of person who is better at being open with total strangers. I'd like to be that person, but I think it's more limited to online. In real life I don't see myself as especially open. I can hold a conversation, but with coworkers or friends, I just don't really give much of myself up. For instance, I never talk about my personal life that much. Maybe it's because there isn't much to speak of.

Anyway, the other people I was chatting with were just people I met on this site I've been using lately. I've "met" a lot of people through it. Some of them are clearly looking for just one thing, but others seem pretty genuine. For the most part, people use it as a hookup site. I try to be really clear that I'm looking for more of a connection, especially considering I'm not very comfortable with all that yet. There have been a handful that I would seriously consider meeting in real life. Some of them seem to be drifting away now though after a few weeks of not setting anything up.

But tonight I did meet a guy who seems like a great guy. He told me to email him tomorrow and I def am going to when I get up. He said he's never met anyone on there, but that it'd be great if i could be the first. And even better if I were the last. I thought that was just so sweet. I know it's something that most guys probably would never say, especially to someone they haven't met yet. But I liked it. He seems very similar to me. Trying to be more social and get out more. Trying to meet guys. I wouldn't say I'm doing a very good job of it, but I'm making some effort.

Haha. The other guy i was chatting with is 34. Ridiculous right. I totally don't see this going anywhere. This would be the "just getting it over with" option. Not ideal. But sometimes it's fun to just chat with people about sexual stuff and just be totally casual about it. It's not like I gave him my name or address, so what's the harm really. Apparently he's into my type and has a 25 year old boyfriend who he lives with and they have a very open relationship. Haha. So not me, but he's a nice guy. Hot. And he doesn't mind chatting about stuff even though I told him I won't be coming over tonight. Haha. You're probably thinking less of me right now. lol.

PS - Just downloaded the Ladyhawke album. Love it.