Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July - First Post

So this is my first post on a brand new blog. My last blog was very personal. Just for me. It was more a way for me to vent when I would get depressed. You know, feelings and emotions and inner thoughts and all that kind of bullshit. I probably wrote on it about once ever other month or two. Hopefully this blog will be a fresh start and a way for me to just share a little about my life as an architect living in New York.

The name of the blog comes from the fact that I'm living downtown. No set grid, so the streets are a bit of a maze sometimes. I love it. I feel like I'm living in the New York you see in old movies, where the streets are narrow and dark and the buildings are ornate and commanding. It's amazing if you look closely at some of the buildings. You find historical references, like the Cunard building (the company that launched the Titanic) that you'd never realize where there.

Well, today was the 4th. A pretty lackluster day by all accounts for myself. I spent the day unpacking clothes and rearranging my room. It was a fairly productive day. I definitely got in a good amount of TV though, don't get me wrong. I was mostly just waiting for the fireworks. We can see the Brooklyn Bridge really well from our rooftop, so I was expecting to have a really good view for tonight. It didn't exactly pan out that way. There were two barges launching fireworks, and of course they were both obscured by the two buildings taller than ours. Great...