Sunday, December 28, 2008

Off the Fence

So I did something I wasn't expecting to do last night. I somehow decided that I would come out to my family. It all started when I was talking to this guy online. I'm back in the city, and super bored. Not many people are around and the ones who are don't seem to have a lot of free time. Ugh. So anyway I was talking to this guy, and I asked him if he was out to his parents. And so he told me about it and how well it went, and I guess it just hit me or something. Then he started asking why I hadn't told mine, and I really didn't have any good reason. I never did mostly because there just wasn't anything that made me want to. I've never had a real boyfriend, so I just felt like there wasn't any news to report. I don't really talk to my parents about personal things like that anyway. But after thinking it through and this guy kind of reassuring me that it was going to happen eventually, I ended up deciding to just do it. I wanted to tell my brother first. We don't really talk ever. He's only 2 years younger than I am. I sent him an email. I had it all written out and then just hit send. It was pretty scary and I didn't like having to wait for his response. Then I figured I would just go for it and call my mom. It was 10 pm on a Saturday night, but I called anyway. I was all ready to just say "There's something I want to tell you...". And wouldn't you know, it went to voicemail. Voicemail! The one time my mom isn't up late. Obviously I wasn't going to leave a voicemail. I half expected her to call back, but she didn't.

So this morning my brother emails me back. It said that they had already suspected it anyway and that it was fine and all. Pretty much what I expected to get, and what I would hope the response would be. Not much to say about it, I mean it's kind of just like saying hey I'm right-handed. I know it's bigger than that, but really it's just stating a fact. My mom didn't call me back today though. Also strange. But I'm taking it as a sign. I feel like the moment kind of passed anyway and getting it out to one family member for now is plenty. Maybe my brother and I will be a little bit closer now. Who knows. I'm not really hoping for anything to change. Quite the opposite really. I'd rather everything just be exactly the same but without having this thing hanging over me. I just wouldn't want to meet someone and want them to come to Christmas or something and not be able to do it.

So that's what's going on with me today. I've been extremely bored all day though. I tried to do a little shopping, but didn't see much. Then I went grocery shopping. That was pretty much all I did today. I kind of feel like just wandering around and going for a walk. Sitting around watching movies I've seen already on TV is starting to get a little old. How crazy is it that I'm kind of looking forward to going back to work. I'm so lucky I like my job. Wow, I must be bored if I'm starting to say things like that.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home Again

Well, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. (I don't know to whom I'm apologizing, since there are maybe three people who have actually read this blog. Haha.) But, there really hasn't been a whole lot on which to post. I just came back from my parents house and doing all that Christmas stuff. It's pretty boring there, and they're in a new house, so it doesn't really feel like home. Plus, it's just nice to sleep in your own bed with your own things around you. Our cat was particularly glad I came home, seeing as how she's such an attention whore and has been alone for several days.

Let's see though. I have been talking to this one boy online as of late. He doesn't live in the city though. He's about a 45 minute train ride out in New Jersey. Which, honestly, makes me think there's little chance of it turning into anything. I also don't know if he's really my type. He's kind of got that punk look that some guys have. Like, he probably should be wearing clothes another size smaller and that sort of thing. I know it's judgemental, but I'll admit it, I judge. I haven't totally written him off though. He definitely looks very nice without clothes. Probably a little short for me, but whatever. We've been just fooling around online for the last couple weeks. He's also not out which is probably the biggest problem. He only realized he was into guys within the last year and he's in his mid-twenties. But he wants to come into the city and go on a date and stuff, so I suppose it can't hurt to meet him. He's really sweet and we've had some pretty intimate conversations online. But I worry that I'm a little more realistic about what might actually be possible between us than he is. Like, I think he may be starting to like me more than I actually like him. I also worry that I worry too much and should just let things happen as they happen. Haha. But that's me. I analyze. Potentially to a fault, but nonetheless it's what I do.

He's out of town right now, but when he gets back, I think he wants to meet up. It makes me nervous, but I think it'll be fine. There's another boy too whom I potentially will meet when he gets back to the city. He actually lives here and seems more my type, so I just don't know where that will lead.

After never having put any effort into dating or trying to find someone, I'm starting to realize why it's such a big deal. Like, every movie or song you see or hear is about love and what a struggle it is. And even with the LIMITED bit that I've put into it over the last couple months, I'm starting to really see what everyone is talking about. That's life I suppose and it does feel good to be making even a tiny effort. It would be easy to stick with the status quo and just go to work all day and come home and go to bed and then do it all over again, but I've done that. I'm good at that. It's time for something or someone new. I'm bored with just me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Week of Nothing and an Office Party

So I took this entire week off for vacation because I had to use my days by the end of the year. New Year's Resolution #1: Take vacation days during the summer when you can actually use them. This week I've literally laid in bed chatting online for the better part of. I've went grocery shopping a couple times. Got a haircut. Went to Staples. Went to lunch with coworkers. And that's pretty much been it for me. Most days I didn't even shower before 2. But it's my vacation, so I don't feel too bad. Plus it's cold outside. What am I gonna do, go lay in the sun? I still feel like a bit of a waste. Next year, I get twice as many days. Haha. So I'll have to definitely try to use them. It is nice not being in the office though. There really wasn't a whole lot of stuff I would have had to do anyway since I just finished a project before I left. Oh we did have our Xmas party. That was interesting.

So I ended up sitting next to my friend who isn't actually a designer. He's in our press office. He's really cute and I'm definitely attracted to him. But I know he's straight, so I've gotten over it and now we're really good friends which is fine with me. The press people don't really hang out with anyone else in the office much though, so I'm pretty much his only good friend in the office. So anyway. We're eating dinner. Having wine. I think he has a lower tolerance than he'll admit, because I can tell that somethings off. But that wasn't the problem. I on the other hand had had more wine than I should have. Not drunk, just kinda making me sick. Especially when they were serving lobster ravioli as the starting course. I think something wasn't agreeing. Not sure why I'm explaining that, but it was just an off night drink-wise. But the worst part was when he asked if there was any gossip on him. Apparently I know all the gossip (which is kinda true). So I tell him the only thing that anyone has ever mentioned (def not the only thing, but the only harmless non-offensive thing i could come up with) was that when my other guy friend was talking to him at another party someone thought they were gonna hook up. So he asks me if my friend is gay and I say yeah (because I'm pretty sure everyone already knows). Apparently he didn't. Fuck. I just outed the only other gay guy i know of in my office. I'm such a douche. The weird part was that he was all disappointed. He was like "oh man. i thought he was just being friendly." So I started questioning him about it and asking "well who says he wasn't" and "what does it matter if he's gay, he totally was just being friendly." He said, no matter what there's always something sexual if a gay guy is talking to another guy or if a guy talks to a girl etc. I mean I know my friend has a crush on the press guy (he's hot), but he definitely WAS just being friendly. So I felt like a douche and was kinda weirded out by his reaction. Of course the next topic to follow is "So you never have any gossip about you. Like, you never talk about your personal life." This is my opening to tell this guy "I'm actually gay, but there's not much to tell about. No boyfriend etc." The perfect opening. Only, I'm surrounded by coworkers (who honestly were probably drunk and not listening) and I just had that weird reaction to someone else being gay, so I chickened out and was just like "There's nothing to tell." So he just asked "You don't talk about it? OK." And that was that. Damn damn damn.

I apologized to my friend and he didn't seem to care one bit. I kinda wanted to be like, "well can you out me to him and we'll be even". Saves me the trouble. Lol.

So anyway. That was my office party.

Actually the fun continued. I made the mistake of switching from clear to brown at some point and ended up vomiting twice the next morning. It sucked.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank God I Have My Job

I've realized that not having work to worry about is way too much for me to handle. I'm starting to think that I have trouble compartmentalizing my life. Or maybe it's that I'm particularly good at it. Either way, when I'm working I don't really worry about anything other than work. When I was in school, I didn't really care about anything other than school.

So I don't have to go back to work now until after the New Year. We have a mandatory Christmas break at the first I work at, so I was already getting two weeks off. But I also had a bunch of vacation days that I never used, so I took an additional week on top of that.

But apparently when I have nothing to distract me, I get lonely. I texted Boy1 again this morning saying that I wanted to stop by later today just to say hello and see how he was doing. He responded and said that he was finally getting back to school work after having to take 3 days out to deal with his broken leg. K.... I said "le sigh. ok. well i hope you're feeling better at least." to which he replied. "i'm feeling much better than yesterday. thanks for your concern!" umm... you're welcome?

it's so frustrating. does he actually want to see me again. i believe that he truly is crazy busy, but does that mean that he literally has no time to see me. or even respond to my occasional emails. i don't actually even know how he broke his leg yet. wtf. i know i'm probably wasting my time. my bff told me that i should probably just forget it. but i really liked him and got the feeling that he liked me. aside from not seeing each other, he hasn't said that he's not interested.

ok. i've clearly gone through all of this before on here. i guess it's getting kind of old. Le Sigh.

luckily i have 30 Rock on Netflix to distract me. At least for the night. I've already gone through an ENTIRE season this weekend. it's pretty much genious and i'm totally in love with liz lemon. wish i had someone to enjoy is with though... (pathetic)

Friday, December 12, 2008


I don't know what just happened. All of a sudden I just feel kinda blue. It's Friday night. I'm home. I've already run out of things to watch on TV. I didn't have any plans for the night. I never have any plans. I don't have any plans for tomorrow aside from getting a haircut. And I don't have anyone to talk to. :( ... Boy 1 confuses me to no end. I sent him a text the other day telling him my deadline was finished and just asking how things were going I think. He texts back that he broke his leg and looks retarded. I text him back "Aww. Well I'm very good at taking care of invalids. :) Let me know if you need anything. Food... Pharmaceuticals..." I don't get a response. Later that night I'm still up, so I email him saying that I probably should have asked how he was, that I hope he's not in pain or anything, and to say that I was serious about being around to help. I never got a reply today. :( I was on facebook and saw that his status changed to Boy1 is "F my life". So I texted him saying hey hope you're doing ok. almost there. He then replys to say Yeah Just tryin to push through the pain. I assume he means all the work he's got. I texted back to again say that I was dying of boredom so if he needed anything to let me know.

I just don't know what the deal is. I also have been a bad facebook stalker of late. I saw that he had posted a "hey" on his ex boyfriends wall the other day. I'm pretty sure they were friends or at least had the same group of friends, so maybe it's ok. But then tonight I saw that his brother wrote on the ex bf's wall asking how boy1 broke his leg. Are they going out together or something. What's the deal. I really just want to ask him if he's just being polite or if he really does want to eventually see each other again.

Anyway. So I'm just feeling lonely and slightly rejected tonight.

Blue... :(

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Don't Get It

So Boy 2 text me tonight around 10 or so asking if I want to cuddle. This is the first I've heard this the last attempt. Yes, it isn't 1 in the morning, but I again decline. Well, actually I didn't really decline. I kind of lied. And now I feel bad about it. Even though any other day this week it would have totally been true. I texted back, "At work. :(". Lie. I was sitting at home watching Top Chef with my roommate. Why didn't I want to go you ask? Well, I still have not met this guy. I've seen his facebook and talked to him online and he seems like a normal nice guy, but I really just don't feel comfortable going to someone's apartment whom I've never met before. It just seems like a potentially bad idea. Unless that's something you're cool with, but I'm just not. So he texts me back and says "Come later." I read it and didn't respond. So far, no further texts have come through. I did just email him though explaining that I'm just not ready to come sleep over without having met in person. I did say at the end of the message that we should do something this weekend and asked if he was free. I think this is probably the best way to go. I mean, I just feel like there should be a sequence to this things. Casual flirting online. Having a couple nice conversations. Making plans to meet. Meeting and having a good time. Making plans to meet again and then whatever. Is that unreasonable? And plus, this guy hasn't talked to me since Thanksgiving other than to ask me to come cuddle the two times. So maybe I'm kind of annoyed about that too. But then I go on his facebook page and see how cute he is. Damn those adorable facebook photos. Haha.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What's with everyone trying to get me out of bed all the time

So I'm laying in bed finishing up an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu, and my phone says I have a message. Oh, it's from Boy #2. So I open it. It says "wanna cuddle?". Mind you it's 1:30 am on a Thursday night. I've been in bed for about an hour on my computer, and I'm about to go to sleep. Now, you might think, that's sweet or I wanna cuddle. And yes, I do wanna cuddle. But Boy#2, we haven't even gone on a first date. AND, I emailed you days ago saying to let me know when you get back from Thanksgiving and we can meet up. This is the first I've heard from him since Saturday. I don't think I'm going to get dressed and get on a subway at 1 in the morning to go see someone I haven't even met in person yet. Am I weird for thinking this way. I talked to him online, and he was kind of a jerk about it. Not like an asshole, just short one word answers for everything. I'm suspecting maybe he just got home (normal people go out on Thursdays I hear) and got the email I sent him a few hours ago asking what was up. Maybe he was drunk and decided to just give it a shot. Maybe if it weren't quite so late, and we hadn't gone a week without talking I would have said yes. But for now, I'm going to go to bed and see what's up tomorrow (assuming it won't take another week for him to get back to me).