Friday, January 1, 2010

Most Bizarre New Years EVER

Last night was one of the more interesting New Years I've ever had. I'll start by saying that not a drop of alcohol was consumed by me over the course of the night. That in itself is very strange considering I wasn't even out of town. Haha. Anyway, I've been chatting with this guy for the past week or so. We'll call him Doctor. So I was chatting with Doctor about what our plans are for New Years and he tells me his. Then he asks what I'm doing. This is the day before New Years Eve by the way. I tell him that I was supposed to hang out with a friend, but that it fell through, so now I really have no plans to speak of. So he says that I'm welcome to come with him if I like.

So what we ended up doing was going to this New Years service at this church because a good friend of his was singing there. Yeah... I was in church when the clock hit midnight. Me! Lol. It was actually kinda cool. They had a lot of music. And I'm talking "Sister Act" gospel music. There was this one woman who blew me away when she sang. It was awesome! I leaned over to Doctor and said, "I LOVE her!" He laughed and grabbed my leg. This was our first time meeting, so that was kind of a highlight. Lol. So, the music was great. There was also the actual service part which was... ok. (I'm not religious, so I felt like I was a little out of place at times. But I managed to look like I knew what was going on.) Then at midnight they toll the bells while everyone is in prayer. It was very peaceful. Everyone still hugs and whatever. It was a lot like that part in church where you shake hands and say "peace be with you." I gave Doctor a hug and got a kiss on the cheek. I'll take it. :P

After that, there were a few more songs and then the service was over. On our way out, we tried to figure out what the plan would be. He said a friend in his building was having a party, but he wasn't sure they were still there. And when he called, no one was answering. So, he walked me to my subway and we said goodnight. He was really nice. I hope I see him again. :)

However, this wasn't even the end of the night for me. I get off the subway and start walking to my building. I get there and there's a crowd of people outside and in the lobby, and two police officers are walking out the door. My building is full of frat boy idiots because all the apartments are big enough for a group to share. Naturally, several floors have parties going on. So I'm waiting for the ONE elevator that was working yesterday. It's all the way on the top floor, but I hear people in the stairwell and don't feel like having to step over a bunch of drunken assholes on my way up. Plus, I'd already used the stairs once that day. The elevator finally gets down to me and I get in. It smells like puke, but all I can see is a half empty can of Beast in the corner. Gross.

The other people waiting for the elevator are distracted by something in the lobby, so I just hit my button and off i got. 1...2...3...4... and then the elevator lurches and comes to an abrupt halt. FUCK. I press my floor... nothing. I press door open... nothing. I press Call...nothing!!! So I think for a second and call 311 (the NYC info/help/anything number) and they put me on hold. Screw this, I'm stuck in an elevator. I decide to call 911 for the first time in my life. I call 911, and they tell me that someones on their way. So I just sit down and wait.

I called Doctor to tell him my ridiculous circumstances and he was really nice and kept me company for a while. Then I heard some banging and had to get off the phone. It was the fire department. 5 guys I think. At one point they asked "How's everyone doing in there." I said "Fine." Then he asked "How many are there?" I replied "Just one. Thank god!" I definitely heard him laugh. But thank god is right! I can't imagine being stuck in there with another person who's probably wasted and prone to freak out or vommit. No thank you. Although, I suppose we would have probably bonded over it. Lol.

They eventually got me out. I was halfway between floors, of course, so it was a little tricky. Finally, the doors open and I was caught by a very strong fireman. Haha. Then up the stairs I went to my apartment.

And THAT was my New Years. :)


Ryan O said...

It actually sounds like not such a bad night. Even being stuck in the lift was an adventure in itself lol. The random ones are usually the best and it sounds like quite a sweet forst date. Are you seeing each other again?


call.the.shots said...

haha. interesting way to spend ur new years eve definitely. and props to u for not drinking an ounce of alcohol! i can never do that. esp not on a night like nye.

Pants said...

very unique. all i did was sit at home with the flu, entertaining myself with a makeup kit.

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