Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sometimes You're Just in the Mood

So you know how they say, "When it rains, it pours." Well apparently the opposite is also true. When you just want to meet up with a guy for a little fun and someone to sleep with, inevitably no one will be available. Maybe it's just karma for turning people down so often when that's all they want. But seriously, over the last two days, it's been nothing but a long line of guys who aren't available, or a sick, or someone is staying in their apartment, or their roommates are home, or they had too much to drink and need to pass out, or they just stop responding. I don't know why I was in the mood to go meet up with someone, but I just was. Maybe it's because I haven't had any action for a month... I don't know. :P

I actually went on a date yesterday too funnily enough. Met a guy on a dating (hookup) site. He's 30. Lives in UWS (upper west side). Very cute. Very good at conversation. We had a nice brunch in the West Village. Might meet up with him today to watch the game. We'll see. Let's call him T2. The other T is still out of town and I haven't heard from him. I emailed him earlier in the week to see how he was doing. No response. Maybe he's just really bad at responding though. Stuff like that drives me crazy because I'm completely the opposite. I respond pretty much as soon as I receive something. If I don't, I won't remember to go back to it.

So today is the Super Bowl. I'll be honest. I'm not a football fan. To me, it's any other day. But my one roommate, the one that none of us really like all that much, is having a bunch of his friends over to watch the game. Like ten of them. We don't actually mind him. It's his girlfriend and the fact that they're always cooking and making weird messes that's a pain. Yesterday we couldn't figure out why the apartment smelled like garbage. Turns out it was an open can of beans that had been sitting on the counter with a piece of tinfoil over them for the last week. Neither of them understand that if you leave things out, they will go bad. They'll leave cheese out on the counter over night. Or bags of chopped vegetables. It's SO weird. Or he'll put something in tupperware and stick it in the fridge, but it'll just be the bowl with no lid. It's the container and then they'll put a piece of saran wrap over it instead of just finding the lid. WTF. Anyway, he and his (high pitched, naggy, annoying) girlfriend are having 10 of their friends over here and I'd like to make myself scarce.

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