Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busting My Ass

Work is killing me this week. I JUST got home and it's almost 1230. I'm trying not to stay too ridiculously late, but each night this week has gotten later and later. I'm still one of the first people to leave, which is pretty ridiculous. I think other people in our office must actually enjoy working or something. That, or they're just trying to impress people. I'm not impressed by that. I'm more impressed by people who work hard during the day and manage to still maintain a life outside of architecture. That's one of the things I hate most about this profession. It just consumes your life if you let it.

Looks like I won't get to see T tomorrow. At least, it doesn't sound like it. He gchatted me today and mentioned that he wouldn't be able to take a vacation day tomorrow like he had planned. :( So, I guess, in all likelihood, I won't be seeing him until the Monday after next at the earliest. That blows! I'm still hoping that maybe I'll get to see him, even just briefly before he leaves for Europe.

Not sure what I'll be up to next week though. I'd like to visit my friend F who just moved to a new apartment with his boyfriend. He's a model who I randomly met through and online dating site. He works part time in architecture and so we started chatting about that and became friends. I've only hung out with him once before. Hopefully I'll get a day off after we hit our deadline and I can go see his place sometime during the week.

Also want to hang out with Doctor. I have The Hurt Locker on DVD from Netflix and I'm waiting until I have a free evening to watch it with him. It's a lot more fun watching my Netflix movies with someone instead of alone on the couch to kill a Sunday afternoon.

Well, it's off to bed for me. Another painfully long day at work to look forward to. Yippee... :-/

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